Tough times for Modi

April 22 2010

The Government is preparing to tighten the noose the around the IPL king Lalit Modi who was recently seen smiling, talking to and getting himself photographed with many sexy beauties. Several cases of income tax and FERA are being made against him and Modi’s file is pending with the Union Finance Minister for his approval to start the
investigations. The matter is connected with the telecast rights of Modi’s Mauritius based company WSG. It is understood that Sony’s present head Kunaldas Gupta had in collusion with Modi duped Sony a great deal in the name of getting the telecast rights and WSG was given many big rights at very cheap rates and after this Gupta parted ways with Sony and formed his own company and on the sly became a business partner in Modi’s company. The game is big and so are the players. But Modi may have to pay some price for his Vasu connections. Simultaneously the owners of two big television companies are after Modi’s life. So the coming days could be really tough for Modi.

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