Modi reprimands Yashwant

November 20 2013

After several faux pas on history, geography and economy made by Modi in the recent speeches, he is trying to be careful about what he says. Yashwant  supplies him with all the information he needs on the foreign policy as well as the monetary situation. So when Modi pulled up Yashwant  on how China spends 20 per cent of its GDP on education, while it is only 3.9 in actual, Yashwant clarified that it was his team’s fault; he was not in India and thus could not see the feedback. What his (Yashwant’s) team actually wanted to say was that compared to India, China spends 20 per cent more on education. But this didn’t satisfy Modi and he has told Yashwant to be doubly-sure about numbers and statistics in future.

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