I am Anna, and so are you

August 21 2011

The moral strength and awesome willpower of a 74-year old man has brought back memories of Bapu. He has placed the blazing sun on the side of the Indians who have been sleeping unmindful of everything through the black night. This sun has lit up the entire nation with a new light and all lighted paths are shining for the angel. This is the time when every grain of earth is throbbing like a mother’s heart. Salam to this new-found Anna-isation of a whole new India. The ruling parties are stunned into silence, since the then-silent India has found a new voice. At such a time, an editor of a big English daily in Delhi tells why he isn’t Anna. This editor believes that “This is just a protest against something, it isn’t a revolution. This just reeks of middle-class hypocrisy.” But it has only angered the owners a little more, since they have been given the special treatment by the government and the Congress and they have free access to the Rajya Sabha. Apart from the newspaper owners, there are several businessmen, too. For instance, one of them owns a big chemical factory, which produces a special chemical to refine opium. This chemical is controlled by the government. So, the moment chemical-laden trucks leave the factories, they frequently meet with accidents and the chemical can be sold openly in the market, but not the public’s feelings. Don’t let anyone influence you. Every Indian has an Anna living within her and you should let him breathe so that our democracy survives, too.

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