October 05 2009

The former Leader of Opposition in Delhi Assembly Professor Jagdish Mukhi stands vindicated. The veteran of several electoral battles was first denied the opportunity to lead the BJP in the last assembly polls and then asked to vacate the seat of the Leader of Opposition for Professor Vijay Kumar Malhotra. Misfortune continued to trail him during the Lok Sabha poll, when he lost the West Delhi seat to Mahabal Mishra of the Congress. When the bypoll for Dwarka assembly seat, which Mahabal Mishra had vacated, was announced Mukhi pushed for the candidature of Pradhyuman Rajput ahead of former DUSU president Ashish Sood, taking the personal responsibility for party’s victory when nobody gave BJP a chance. With Lotus blooming in Dwarka, Mukhi has scored a point or two both within and outside the party.

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