No `modi’fication in name

November 21 2009

Sangh has been in constant dialogue with Advani and so the Sangh leadership wanted to know that if he had objection to Gadkari’s name then he should suggest some other. At this Advani immediately gave out Arun Jaitley’s name as his choice for the post of president. Sangh then said – `Suggest some other name, we have already turned down this name earlier.’ Advani then said – `Narendra Modi.’ At this Sangh said – `Okay then, you ask him and let us know, we do not have any objection to his name.’ And in between the Sangh informed Modi over phone and said – `For the new president, there is consensus on your name.’ Modi immediately said that till 2013 he wants to remain in Gujarat. So for Advani there was no option but to agree to Gadkari’s name.

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