BJP is going to rain it down

July 31 2011

This Monday will see the beginning of the monsoon session. But the governing party’s stubbornness is almost anarchy-like. A minister dear to 10, Janpath was seen – for shame! – wiping his shoe with Bapu’s khadi in Rajasthan. Another Congress spokesperson seemed to be glaring at Anna Hazare with a “We’ll see” emotion. Krishna seemed to be besotted with Hina, while the CBI got a dressing down from the court on the Ramdev issue. The main Opposition party, the BJP, is in the know of things with A Raja’s statement in front of Justice Saini about the 2G scam. It knows what 10, Janpath is upto and what its game is. So the BJP’s stance on the prime minister may be a tad soft in the Parliament. But the party will be aggressive on Chidambaram, which means in a hidden way, it will be Sonia, and not the prime minister in the line of fire by the Opposition. And with Sonia, her chosen loyalists.

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