Mamata will have to let go of Railways

April 01 2011

It is almost sure that Trinamool Congress’ Mamata Banerjee will have a sweeping victory over West Bengal in the forthcoming elections. Even Buddhadeb Bhattacharya has conceded as much in an interview with a Malayalam newspaper interview saying that the party is ready to become the Opposition party in the state. The question now is that if Mamata didi takes over Writers’ Building, who will take her post in the Railway Bhavan? Mamata’s confidantes, everyone from Mukul Rai to Dinesh Trivedi are vying for the post. But reliable sources say that the Congress has made it clear to her that if she shifts to Bengal, she will have to let go off her hold on railways ministry. The Congress wants to manage the portfolio now. After Jaffer Shareif, no one from the party has been given the portfolio. The Congress party has in the fine print told Mamata that her party may be given three Cabinet posts in lieu of the railways ministry. In UPA 2 party rule, the Congress is gradually taking over all major portfolios – first it was surface transport, then telecom was taken from Dramuk and then civil aviation ministry. Now it’s Trinamool’s turn.

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