BJP coffers empty

March 05 2013

Once considered to be a political party back by deep pockets, the coffers of the Bhartiya Janta Party have run dry. Not just that, the party owes a debt of nearly Rs 26 crore to various people. The repercussions were seen at the party’s national conference and meeting that started on March 1. Thousands of party representatives from all over the country had come to take part, and they were accommodated at cheap hotels in Paharganj and Karol Bagh. In earlier years, there used to be a taxi service available, this time, about 150 party workers were told to take these workers party representatives to Talkatora Stadium. The main question now is what happened that the minute Gadkari stepped down, Rajnath was to face no money in the company’s accounts? Sources reveal that party heavyweights such as Advani, Rajnath Singh, Gadkari and so on travel around on chartered flights. At times, these party leaders use helicopters for party meetings, which cost a substantial amount. Until now, the biggest contribution to the central party fund used to be from BJP governments in Himachal Pradesh and Karnataka. Quite a bit used to come in from Jharkhand. In the changed scenario, BJP no longer rules in Karnataka and Himachal Pradesh, Where governments in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh are concerned, the chief minister there consider themselves to be above the party high command itself. Narendra Modi contributes the least to the party. The chief minister of Goa Manohar Panicker keeps mentioning how Goa is a small state and rues the scarcity of resources in the region, When Gadkari was the party president, he would manage to get funds from various resources. Ever since Rajnath Singh has taken over the party reins, not only has there been a scarcity of funds, the enthusiasm of party workers is also low.

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