It is essential to speak

March 29 2010

Ever since Sushma Swaraj has taken over as Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha, BJP has developed a pro-active image in the House. Senior leaders of BJP now want a greater role to play in the House. When in a meeting of the Lok Sabha MPs of BJP the question was raised that who would speak on the environment legislation, the MP from Aonla in U.P. Maneka Gandhi raised her hand because she has in the past too raised the issue of environment both within and outside Parliament. Therefore she wanted to speak on it. At this Sushma said she wants that Karnataka MP Anant Hegde speaks on this because he is senior and is a four-time MP. Maneka raised the question that she is a seven-time MP and so who is senior? When on Tuesday the BJP MPs met at Advani’s residence, Maneka promptly suggested there that MPs should be allowed to speak in Parliament purely on the basis of their background and capability and so if someone is a doctor then he should speak on medical issues. It is interesting that senior leaders like Murli Manohar Joshi and Yashwant Sinha also affixed their stamp of approval
to Maneka’s formula. Advani also appeared in favour of this view but somehow it did not appeal to Sushma and she walked out of the meeting. This is the clash of the pre-women’s reservation era.

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