Stony love

February 07 2010

Living people and living communities have never figured in the priority of behnji. So her love for statues is not hidden from anyone
and the extent of passion is such that a special force has been constituted for the protection of such statues in U.P. So along with
behnji, the love for statues has also arisen among the other BSP leaders. Recently, a minister of Mayawati’s Cabinet received an
invitation from a village in his constituency that he has to unveil a statue of his “own’’. Happily the minister reached the village and in great haste unveiled his statue. But when the curtain came of the statue, he was surprised to find that it had been made in an awkward manner with one leg standing unusually higher. The villagers explained to the harried minister that there was nothing to worry about, the horse that was to be placed underneath the statue was yet to arrive and that collections were being made for it. Once the money was
gathered, the horse ride would become possible.

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