Buddah hoga tera baap!

August 07 2011

During the rule of UPA I, when Sushma Swaraj was the president of the standing committee of the home ministry and Advani was the member of the committee, to show respect to Advani, Sushma would go to Advani’s home to present a report to him – she would also brief him about the meeting. She never thought it was necessary to call Advani for the meeting. But during UPA2, when Venkaiah Naidu became the president of the committee, he would call Advani for every meeting of the standing committee, so much so that when the standing committee members went to the police academy in Hyderabad, Venkaiah took Advani along. Seeing Advani at a place where he had laid the foundation stones for several projects during his rule as a deputy prime minister, several people were shocked and said, “Advani ji, you here, as an ordinary member?” Advani said, “I don’t breed egos. I respect the democracy and that is why I am here.” Actually he wanted to put on display his physical capabilities even at that age. It was almost like he was challenging his opponents in the party and the Sangh and saying, “Buddah hoga tera baap!”

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