No child’s play

February 10 2010

The BJP-Shiv Sena alliance is about to snap. An old political friendship is breathing its last. Most senior BJP leaders have now started finding this friendship to be a liability and the Bihar Assembly elections are round the corner. So the dilemma before BJP is that when one of its alliance partner is abusing Biharis at the top of the voice then how can it make the lotus bloom in the hearts of the people of the State. So the new president is of the view that the burden of this alliance cannot be carried on the head while going into the Bihar elections. Even otherwise the new BJP president has never been friends with the Thackeray family. There is only one supporter of
BJP’s alliance with Shiv Sena, and that is Gopinath Munde. But now even Munde has realised that advocating the cause of the Thackeray family could jeopardise his standing and future in BJP because Bal Thackeray, as has been his wont, cannot face anyone but can only issue threats through his writings in Saamna newspaper. And this time, Bala Saheb crossed the line and challenged the Sangh itself. So, albeit late, he will have to face the music now – for advice and insult.

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