Beware Shivraj

November 14 2009

At a public meeting in Satna, the Raj (Thackeray) inside Shivraj came alive and he made comments against those Bihari labourers who have been toiling hard in his state. What to say of Shivraj, when it comes to getting the MPs elected from his State he seeks the support of leaders of other States, or the responsibility of narrating the tale of woes of the locals is of the leaders from outside, and the poor hardworking Biharis who through every drop of their sweat are making your image shine have all of a sudden become aliens. And Mr Chief Minister who has been soiling his hands and dreams with sand stolen from the holy Narmada pains has also raised the issue at a time when the elections are on in Jharkhand and when then Assembly elections in Bihar are just a year away. Or every attempt is being made to put salt in the roots of BJP. But is this not a pre-meditated move to help the Congress. It would be better if the Sangh leaders do not try to cover up this act of their old swayamsevak.

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