The bus shelter confusion

September 29 2013

During the Commonwealth Games in India, the work for bus shelters was given to a famous outdoor company from France. The Opposition parties had even raised quite a stink about it. The BJP politicians had even made allegations that a close relative of the Delhi chief minister has a stake in the company. The matter was anyway swept under the carpet and the French company got the work to put up 900 bus shelters in Delhi. This company gives the Delhi government Rs 8,000-9,000 per bus shelter and in return, gets anywhere between Rs 90,000-Rs 50 lakh from advertisers. During this election season, Delhi government is spending close to Rs four crore every month. A big portion of this spending goes to paying to these bus shelters. On the other hand, BJP, main Opposition party, is concentrating more on outdoor hoardings in the Centre and has already taken most of these hoardings on rent for its own advertisements.

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