Trivedi the scapegoat

September 14 2009

It was Arun Jaitley who began the slug fest. Amid the discussions, he told the party president – `Rajnathji, you are okay, but the leakage is in your roof, your media secretary Sudhanshu Trivedi leaks reports in the media, he gets stories planted. This is the biggest reason for the downfall of the party. You have give a lot of freedom to your cronies.’ This stunned Rajnath, and gaining composure he said – `I do not have any knowledge about this. I will constitute a private inquiry on this.’ Jaitly said – `No, inquiry would not do, you throw him out.’ Jaitley kept talking at his own pitch … the words were sharp like a weapon .. and the emotions blunt like a saint who had given up his all.

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