Varun’s vrooming

July 24 2010

After returning home from a vacation to New York, Vienna and South France, Varun Gandhi was a tad jet-lagged when he received Party President Nitin Gadkari’s call late at night; Varun has returned to India only that night. When he went to meet the party president, the saffron Gandhi found his body language and behaviour a tad strange. The president has openly accepted the fact that Varun is the future of the party in UP. But Varun feels that before he takes on his cousin Rahul Gandhi and his “Mission UP 2010”, he wants to take time out first and work with all his might on brining the party together in the state. So Gadkari gave Varun the option of choosing to be the Election President of either Assam, Orissa or West Bengal. Varun chose Assam. At a time when other national party secretaries are having to content themselves with the assistant president posts (Siddhu, Vaani Tripathi, for instance), the fact that Varun is being treated at par with seniors such as Bangaru Laxman and Ram Prakash Tripathi goes on to show his increasing stature in the party.

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