Gadkari is in great spirits

April 22 2012

Sangh head Mohan Bhagwat has made up his mind to get Nitin Gadkari his second tenure as the party president. The Sangh wants Gadkari to stay in the post till 2014 so that leaders such as Advani, Joshi, Sushma, Jaitley and Rajnath can be kept under control. Sangh has also made it clear that Narendra Modi will be the party’s face for the 2014 elections. The Sangh has made its intentions clear by making a little-known Lakshmi Shankar Pandey the party president in UP; Dharmendra Pradhan and J P Naddha will also be a part of Gadkari’s future team. Murlidhar Rao may be the party’s next secretary. And if there is too much opposition with making Gadkari the president again, lightweight leaders such as J P Naddha, Shanta Kumar or Sushil Modi may be made the next national president of the BJP.

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