Proactive Gadkari

April 17 2011

Fairly unknown in the north Indian states, when Nitin Gadkari took over the reins of the BJP, there were doubts about his leadership and little expectations. But Gadkari’s proactive working style makes one feel that it will make his critics keep shut. Contrary to his predecessor Rajnath Singh, who was known for his inability to take decisions, Gadkari has a habit of taking them in haste. Compared to his other predecessors, he is always on the move. He likes to travel and Sangh Parivar seems to like it. But his plans and speeches about the party are long, but he is busy trying to build his image into someone who gives results. He is also worried about his excess flab, and instead of grains and carbs, is concentrating more on dal and vegetables. His aim is to reduce 15 kg in the next three months. Not that it will make any difference to his political weight he flourishes.

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