No place for Pranab

October 02 2011

When Pranab Mukherjee suddenly reached New York on being summoned by the prime minister, it was midnight when he reached the city. The prime minister was staying at New York’s Palace Hotel with his entire entourage. The entire two floors of the hotel were booked for the PM and his team. Because Pranab needed a suite to stay, no arrangements at the Palace Hotel could be made for the same. So Pranab’s car moved to Park Central Hotel where the press team accompanying the PM was staying. But when no suite could be arranged for dada even there, Foreign Ministry’s Joint Secretary Vishnu Prakash vacated his own suite for dada, who finally got a place to spend the night. Because Vishnu Prakash’s work was to take care of the press people accompanying the PM, he shifted to an ordinary room in the hotel.

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