God save from Pranab’s anger

February 07 2010

The colour of shame, anger and blood is always one – dark red. Though the friendship of Pranab and the red brigade or communists has always kept the political observers interested, but nowadays seeing Pranab turn red every now and then over even small issues has become commonplace. It is as if this has become his nature. In the last Cabinet meeting, dada got so angry with two of his colleagues that it even left the Prime Minister shocked. Health Minister Gulam Nabi Azad only wanted a special package for the doctors of AIIMS so that their exodus could be stopped and they could be made to stay despite lucrative offers from private hospitals. At this Pranab go so angry that everyone was left perplexed. In the same Cabinet meeting, a proposal was also kept by Union Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal that in special incentives be given to universities to open in rural areas. At this too the dada got angry and why not, the coffers of the Government are with him and whenever money would have to flow out, it would pain him.

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