Onion blues

December 30 2010

Already weeping from onion trouble, the UPA is constantly having to face challenges from its coalition parties. They are giving Sharad Pavar a hard time because of the onion prices saying that if he knew that there will be a paucity of onion in the coming days, why did he not curtail the exports when there was time. Rahul Gandhi gave a new twist to the tale saying the prime minister will take care of the whole thing. In the past when Indira Gandhi was the prime minister and Pranab Mukherjee was the finance minister, the government went through a similar phase and the Opposition party had presented the FM with a garland of onions as a mark of protest. About 12 years ago, when the Delhi command was under Sushma Swaraj, the BJP government fell under Sheila Dixit’s protest. This humble onion isn’t so humble and harmless after all.

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