Poonam gets Rajnath’s help

October 06 2013

There is no one comparable to BJP President Rajnath Singh when it comes to being there for your friends. Pramod Mahajan had played a crucial role in take-off of political careers of several BJP members. Many of them have distanced themselves from Mahajan’s family now that he is no more. Once they got what they wanted, they had moved on. But Rajnath Singh has a major role to play in making the political career of Poonam Mahajan, Pramod Mahajan’s daughter. In his first tenure as the BJP President, he made Poonam the national vice-president for the BJP’s Yuvamorcha. Now Rajnath wants Poonam to contest the seat from Ram Naik’s seat in north Mumbai. This initiative by Rajnath has full support by the Sangh Parivar because Sangh’s chief Mohan Bhagwat gets along well with the Mahajan family, especially Poonam. Bhagwat himself want that a Marathi Brahmin should get a party ticket from a seat in Mumbai. Looking at the scenario, it seems that Poonam may just start her Parliamentary innings with the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

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