PM’s Hilish diplomacy

September 13 2011

When the prime minister reached Dhaka, he gave a big interview to Bangladesh’s biggest newspaper “Bangladesh Samvad Sanstha” and commented on how in the past he was very fond of the Hilish (Hilsa fish) but has turned vegetarian for health reasons, but if the host does place a Hilish dish before him, he may give up being vegetarian. The hostess heard and that very night there was a dinner to be hosted by Sheikh Hasina and different kinds of Hilsa fish were cooked for the occasion. The prime minister also stood true to his word and taste Hilish machh. When he left for Delhi on his special aircraft, the host nation presented him with a big box of Hilsa fish. As a part of his “Hilish diplomacy”, the prime minister sent the fish as a gift to politicians of various parties and some Bengali professors of Jawaharlal Nehru University also got to taste the delicacy.

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