Interference from the PM’s wife

February 23 2011

Those who have tongues are also saying that not only is the PM’s chief secretary a favourite with the PM’s wife but also seeks her advice on governance, which is reflecting on the day-to-day activities. The biggest instance of this is being cited with regards to a coal mafia case in Kolkata. For the past two years, the mafia has been eyeing the sole coal mine owned by Coal India. But Rajic Sharma, IAS, Rajasthan Cadre and joint secretary of Coal Ministry was against the mine getting into private hands. Sharma’s logic was that if this sole coalfield (read, gold mine) was also given to a private firm, what will happen of the 60,000 workers working in the unit? If sources are to be believed, since Gursharan Kaur’s sister’s husband is somehow linked to coal, Sharma’s advice and explanations were given the go-by and the mine given over to the coal mafia. For this to happen, the proposal has to be passed through Coal India, but since Sharma is a member of the Coal India board, the matter wasn’t placed in front of the board altogether.

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