Parekh a small fry

June 08 2010

Ketan Parekh may have been nabbed in connection with the games being played in the Medical Council, but this is not going to put the brakes on the behind the scenes action. Do you know who had introduced Parekh to Minister Ghulam Nabi? It is one Mr. Rao who used to be earlier the PS to Ghulam Nabi when he was Urban Development Minister. In the NDA rule this gentleman was Director, Health Education in Medical Sciences. When Ghulam Nabi got the Health Ministry in UPA-II, then he again joined Ghulam Nabi. Everyone knows how Ketan Parekh enjoyed the support of a leader very close to 10 Janpath and the Congress had with the help of this regional satrap used Parekh against its erstwhile Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss. And it was this political satrap who had first introduced Ghulam Nabi through this senior bureaucrat to Ketan Parekh. So the game is still on, albeit in a slightly changed form.

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