The Congress attack on Pawar

November 13 2011

The Congress is tightening the noose around those close to Sharad Pawar and it is happening through a well thought-out strategy. In the first phase, the man owning Lavasa’s infrastructure company (close to Pawar) may have got the go ahead by the environment ministry, but as many as 500 rules have been piled on the company. Lalit Modi who was close to Pawar is already mired in troubles and has left India and is living in London. Shahid Balwa is in jail in the 2G scam. But the biggest jolt Pawar may get is in association with the airbus purchase where his favourite Prafful Patel may bear the consequences. The investigation is on and agencies say that for every airbus, there may have been a kickback of nearly $5-6 million (Rs 25 crore). As many as 110 airbus were purchased so what the money put in Lavasa or DB Realty? The government is investigating.

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