Patel’s plans gone awry

January 26 2011

Praful Patel probably didn’t see it coming that the aviation ministry will be taken from him. He was hoping for a promotion and being elevated to a Cabinet minister’s post. After all, he has a good relationship with 10, Janpath and other Congress leaders. After the oath taking ceremony at Rashtrapati Bhavan, when the newly-sworn ministers were getting photographed with the President and the prime minister, he gave the protocol a go and got up to request Sonia Gandhi to be a part of the photo session, an offer she refused with a smile. It is being said that after Rahul’s comments on Pawar, an agitated NCP spokesperson D P Tripathi had directly targeted Sonia and Rahul and commented that the Congress should learn how to run a coalition government from Italy. It is believed that after the comment, the Congress has been hell bent on teaching the NCP a lesson. Patel probably became the victim to Tripathi’s outspokenness.

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