Pankaj’s pains

June 04 2013

Senior journalists, especially those from regional newspapers are getting more and more upset with the prime minister’s media advisor Pankaj Pachauri. Journalists who are travelling with the prime minister on his foreign tours are not happy with the high-handedness of the way Pachauri is handling things. In the real sense, Pachauri is suffering from a bureaucratic hangover. While the PM’s former media advisor Harish Khare would stay with the journalists in their hotel, Pachauri chooses to stay where the PM is staying. Khare would maintain contact with journalists who had travelled with the PM for at least four times, as well as meet them at the hotel. Pachauri, on the other hand, is only paying attention to a few select English newspaper representatives. He has an impression of regional, especially Hindi newspapers, to be lesser than English media. In the past, too, Pachauri banned a significant newspaper agency NTI for a small error. The matter was taken care of after personal intervention by the prime minister. Pachauri has the blessings of the most efficient bureaucrats of the PMO – Pulak Chatterjee as well as National Security Advisor Shivshankar Menon. Even then, due to Pachauri’s behaviour, the PMO is getting more negative publicity than positive.

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