In favour of the Opposition

February 02 2011

Opposition leader in the Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj is all set to teach the UPA government a lesson regarding CVC Thomas’ appointment. The Attorney General, on behalf of the government, said that the members of the committee had no idea about the case against Thomas. Whereas, on September 3, 2010, when a meeting of the committee (which includes the prime minister, home minister and leader of Opposition) regarding the appointment of the CVC, three people were also invited – Thomas, petroleum secretary Chatterjee and fertilizer secretary Krishnan. Just when the meeting had started, Sushma let the PM and Chidambaram know that she had reservations about Thomas’ name being nominated for the CVC’s seat, because there was a case against him about the palmoline oil scam. Chidambaram then told those present that Thomas’ had been acquitted in the case. In her trademark style, Sushma asked the meeting to be postponed for 24 hours so that an investigation on the matter could take place. The PM then reminded her that the decision had to be taken that very day. Just 15 minutes after this, Prithviraj Chavan got a letter that said, “A majority of the committee has elected Thomas for the CVC’s post but the Opposition leader didn’t agree to it.” The letter had to be signed by all three, that is, the prime minister, home minister and Sushma. Sushma signed the letter and also wrote in her handwriting, “I disagree.” But in modern India, the ruling party sets new rules for a democracy, and where’s the time to listen to disagreements? The Thomas episode is a perfect example.

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