Netaji’s Gandhi love

January 31 2012

No one knows what kind of lovely coincidence is this when two polar opposites of the political spectrum came face to face at Lucknow airport. When Varun Gandhi, thought to be at the heart of the Hindu community, met Mulayam Singh, who is all ready to pose as the shelter for Muslim interests, Gandhi made a go to meet Singh. Both leaders were talking with such intimacy that even the Samajwadi leaders and workers who were present there became a little uncomfortable for a bit. A Parliamentarian from the Samajwadi party quipped to an NSG commando present there for Mulayam’s security that they should surround both leaders from all sides so that their meeting does unnoticed by the media. As it is in Delhi, Mulayam’s government accommodation and Varun’s mother Menaka’s residence at 14, Ashok Road, face each other. Obviously, both leaders get to see each other at times, and their intimacy has increased with changing times.

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