Nitish’s intentions

June 28 2010

While Nitish’s arrogance is just not giving way, the BJP seems to be under some sort of obligation that it is ready to dance to any tune from the Bihar chief minister. Could the reason be that a few big politicians in the BJP have a personal profit-sharing relationship with Nitish? During the recent Modi issue, the saffron party could be seen divided into two camps. Those anti-Modi BJP leaders sitting in Delhi were harping on just one thing – no matter what, the Nitish-BJP coalition should not fall through. This group included the likes of Advani, Sushma and Jaitley. But like a new convert attends Mass every Sunday, Nitish could go to any extent to live up to his secular image. Nitish recently had his favoured newspaper group conduct a survey, whose finding revealed that if Nitish was to contest the elections without the BJP coalition, his party might actually win with even more seats. There is a possibility that both the survey and the findings might have been funded, but what about Nitish’s intentions? Sources close to Nitish have revealed that he might bid adieu to the coalition one-and-a-half months before the Bihar Vidhan Sabha elections. Till that time, he will have succeeded in brining down the reputation of the BJP government via Modi. They may have difference of opinion, but there is one similarity – both of them are nurturing ambitions of sitting on the prime minister’s chair. When the aims are so lofty, limitations and code of conduct usually become secondary issues.

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