JD(U) battles within

March 07 2010

The rebellious chorus of the JD(U) MPs against Nitish Kumar in Bihar has started becoming shriller. After the rebellion of Lallan Singh, it is as if the flood gates have been opened. If reliable sources are to be believed then recent three JD(U) MPs Pooranmasi Ram, Jagdish Sharma and Munazir Hasan have held secret parleys with Congress in-charge in Bihar Jagdish Tytler. It is understood that Congress has assured these three MPs that in the forthcoming elections to Bihar Assembly their sons could be given Congress tickets. So when the winds have started blowing in favour of the Congress wave in Bihar, several other JD(U) MPs have also started looking towards it intently. For example, Mahabali Singh, Jai Narain Nishad etc., etc.

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