Yashwant on target

November 28 2012

The minute poster scam started in Delhi, the Sinha camp suspected NRI businessman and Gadkari-aide Anshuman Mishra for the same. He is talking against Yashwant at present. Anshuman has written an open letter to Yashwant Sinha and made a copy of the same available to the media. The first matter discussed in the Ketan Parekh scam, which also mentions how he got a clean chit by the JPC in the same. The letter also mentions the UTI scam (that took place when Sinha was the finance minister) and his relations with Flex Industries’ Ashok Chaturvedi. The letter also asks questions about Sinha’s relations with a big chit-fund company from Lucknow. The moot question, however, is if Anshuman is trying to prove his own political relevance by attacking Sinha.

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