Modi on target

July 08 2013

If you want to see a man hard at work at a ripe old age, have a look at Lal Krishna Advani. He has risen above getting upset and their relenting and is now looking at Modi straight in the eye. That the BJP’s core committee meeting this Thursday in New Delhi, he attacked Modi directly a number of times. For instance, when Modi announced that this time the ticket will be given to strong candidates who are sure to win elections, Advani retorted that the person’s image will be very important before they are given a party ticket. Modi said focus will be given to the results of elections at the five states and Advani kept talking about diversification. He said our chief ministers have a clean image in the states where the BJP is in power, and their image should be kept clean during the elections. When Advani went to Nagpur, he gave a big copy of grievances about Modi to Mohan Bhagwat. Bhagwat said, “Rajnath is about to come here, there will be talks to him about this.” But Advani wanted to know why Bhagwat won’t talk to Modi directly. So Bhagwat replied, “That is now the Sangh’s policy; it doesn’t interfere directly with the party’s matters.”

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