No royal treatment

April 16 2010

Lawyer by profession, Arun Jaitley is also an excellent political doctor. Now take the matter of Mian Shahnawaz. When the outline of the new team of Gadkari was prepared, Shahnawaz’s name was in the list of the general secretaries. But at the eleventh hour, who knows what dose Vijay Goel gave to the president that Shahnawaz’s name was cut and in his place Goel was taken into the team. Annoyed with the developments, an angry Shahnawaz got himself admitted in Delhi’s Batra Hospital. No matter how he may have liked talking, but he was not satisfied with remaining a mere party spokesperson. As such, Jaitley got in touch with the hospital administration and procured Shahnawaz’s complete medical report. Evidently, there was no mention of any ailment in it. So Jaitley called up Shahnawaz and said – `Mian, give up your anger and take what you get … or else nothing can be taken for granted in the party these days …’ So on his return, Shahnawaz was seen in the
new role of party spokesperson.

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