A threat to Naveen’s wealth

February 27 2013

The winds of elections are blowing over Odisha. Ever since Pyaremohan Mohapatra, once considered close to then chief minister Navin Patnaik and also called his money bag, has parted way with him, Patnaik’s path has been paved with obstacles. It is believe that Patnaik’s money has gone away with Mohapatra. So much so that Patnaik doesn’t even have enough money to run his own party. Pyaremohan Mohapatra has also made his party Odisha Janmorcha’s agenda clear – his party will get autonomy for west Odisha. If his party comes to power, not only will west Odisha get its own high court, but that Sambhalpuri language will also get the status of the official language. In the beginning of each of his speeches, Mohapatra does not forget to say that he regrets how he was unable to teach Navin Odiya language.

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