Ishrat wasn’t infallible

June 29 2013

A significant signature is with the FBI and the NIA (when NIA went to interrogate David Hadley in the US) regarding Ishrat Jahan’s encounter. In today’s changed scenario, the NIA denies having any such signature but sources close to the investigative agencies reveal that David Hadley had given a statement about Ishrat Jahan that she was an operative of Lashkar-e-Taiba. Otherwise what was the reason that after her death, “Gazwa Times”, which is considered to be mouthpiece of the LeT, published an article that claimed Ishrat was Lashkar’s member? A couple of months ago, too, Lashkar’s website gave Ishrat’s death the status of dying a martyr. Before Ishrat and her companions’ encounter between Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad on June 15, 2004, the IB had got some important leads. But all those leads now seem to have been buried under the political games.

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