Didi duped

July 02 2012

One reason for the souring of relations between Mamata and Mulayam was that for the past six months, Mulayam had been promising Mamata that he would support Mamata’s name of Kalam for President’s post. And for this, both leaders had also taken Kalam’s consent on the same. That may be the reason Kalam hurriedly completed his autobiography. And it is believed that the Sonia episode has been treated with caution and in a light-hearted manner. Sources reveal that the biography was first seen by M J Akbar. Through M J, it reached Suman Dubey and before it could reach the publishers, its original draft reached 10, Janpath through Dubey. Sonia didn’t seen anything to oppose in the book. That was a reason Mulayam and Mamata felt that Kalam’s name would get consent from Sonia but that didn’t happen. When Mamata went to meet her, Sonia named only two names – Hamid Ansari and that of Pranab Mukherjee. Mamata then asked Sonia if she could make both names public and at that time. Sonia didn’t see a problem in that either.

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