It’s dada after didi

February 27 2011

How didi is all mush for Bengal can be clearly seen. But next is dada’s turn. You can even call him a tad superstitious when it comes to presenting the Union Budget. Unlike his former counterparts, he doesn’t wear new clothes on the day, and nor does he use a new briefcase for the Budget papers. During the Indira Gandhi rule, he had a favourite bag which would hold all his important Budget papers. Then he fell out with Rajiv Gandhi and had to leave the Congress, and his bag got lost somewhere. After becoming the finance minister of UPA 2, Dada bought a new bag, which has been used for the past two Union Budgets. Now it is the turn for the next one. Dada doesn’t even choose his own clothes and lets his son decide the same, who is currently looking for a suitable seat for himself in West Bengal.

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