Dada and didi at loggerheads

September 13 2011

Who knew the honeymoon between Congress-Trinamool would end so soon? That armed with all the political tricks of the trade, the fighters will be set for a face-off? Manoj Pant, who has been Pranab da’s personal secretary for a long time, became a joint secretary. And since an IAS of the joint secretary level can’t be a minister’s PS, Dada got him a good post in Washington and now wanted a new PS for himself. For the same, he was interested in the DM of Birbhum, which also happens to be his constituency. Pranab da wanted to bring him to Delhi as his PS. But since the DM was an IAS from the Bengal cadre, it was imperative permission be sought from the state government. But Mamta didi put her foot down and said the DM won’t be sent and wrote a formal letter about the same: “We anyways are facing a dearth of such IAS officers, and can’t send our officer to Delhi. If at all, Delhi should return some of the officers back to Bengal.” Dada has read didi’s message loud and clear and the coming days will show his reaction to the incident.

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