Dada’s ire

December 17 2010

The present winter session of the Parliament may be postponed indefinitely from December 13. But if it happens it will be a defeat of sorts for the Congress managers, because it will prove that they were not successful in breaking the Opposition’s unity for demanding a JPC on the 2G spectrum scam. No wonder Pranab da is fuming. So when there was a deadlock in a meeting with the Opposition party members continued, he was enraged and said, “I’ll wait and watch how long you will stick to your guns!” When Pranab da came out of the meeting, a member of the Opposition party advised him, “If you really wanted the Opposition parties’ unity to weaken, you should have postponed the Parliament indefinitely the minute the demand for a JPC was raised. That way, the Opposition party leaders would not have met each other and then wouldn’t have sung the same song.”

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