All about lip service

March 07 2010

People who were witness to the meeting between American President Barack Obama and our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh would perhaps never be able to forget how much our premier is immersed in the love for America. In Alexander’s captivity, Porus had told him “I be treated
in the manner a king treats another king …’ But see the plight of our country, our Prime Minister was so enamoured with Obama’s persona that every sentence he would speak was laced with sweet words of respect …. sir, sir … as if an obedient officer was following the directions of
his senior. In the second stint of the UPA Government, the Prime Minister is openly declaring his love for America and it is as if a race has broken out among the senior incumbent ministers to please America. Therefore be it P. Chidambaram, Kapil Sibal, Murli Deora, Anand Sharma, Shashi Tharoor, Jairam Ramesh or Prithviraj Chauhan, they are all busy promoting the American agenda. The most surprising thing is that to establish the monopoly of American company GM Foods,
at the direction of the Prime Minister his obedient Prithviraj Chauhan is about to bring a “Biotech Regulatory Bill’’ through the Science and Technology Ministry as per which if an Indian citizen would ask any question about GM Foods or its medicines then he would be liable
to be punished for a term of up to six months. So, on the one side we are standing on the verge of emergency and the main opposition party is busy in singing and dancing. When Rome was burning, Nero was playing the flute. You are great, Mr. Gadkari. And even greater than
you is your army of foot soldiers.

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