Who after Tiwari?

October 06 2010

At last, no consensus was reached for the name of the chief information commissioner. Wajahat Habeebullah retired from the post yesterday. Anirudh Narayan Tiwari, the next CIS, will hold the post for merely two months and 12 days. The government itself couldn’t come to a consensus about the new CIS. The PM and the government wanted to have a bureaucrat in the position. But Sonia Gandhi-backed National Advisory Committee wanted someone from the civil society for the post. Harsh Mandar and Aruna Roy were contenders for the post. Rai believes she is solely responsible for the RTI Act in India. The role of the RTI Act is to bring government mechanism’s discrepancies to the fore, whereas an IAS officer would normally cover the issue. In such a scenario, Habib Ansari’s name was suggested, but Habibullah himself objected to his name. Opposition leader Sushma Swaraj was also against it. Tiwari was thus superseded and made the CIS for a short while. The question still remains – who will be the next CIS? A retired bureaucrat or someone from the civil society? The decision rests with 10 Janpath.

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