Netaji is in demand

May 07 2012

When Mamata arrived in Delhi to meet Sonia and the prime minister, she found it important to first meet SP supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav. Mamata anyways stays in constant touch with Mulayam Singh and it is believed that the real strategy for both the leaders concerns the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Mamata’s personal request is that Netaji, that is Mulayam, should come forward as a kingmaker in these elections. The moment CPM found out about Mulayam and Mamata meeting, Sitaram Yechury called up Mulayam and asked for Netaji time to meet Prakash Karat. That very day, Mulayam had a long chat with CPI-M Chief Secretary Prakash Karat. During the conversation, Karat repeatedly reminded Netaji about the friendship between the two parties how a new entry (Mamata) should not be the reason for any rift between the two. Netaji is an old hand at politics and he assured Karat in the same tone and way that he had used with didi earlier in the day.

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