Derek’s dilemma

December 26 2012

A few days ago, CPM’s Lok Sabha Parliamentarian Ramchandra Dom received a lovely Christmas cake, which was sent by Trinamul’s Rajya Sabha member and Didi’s dear Derek O’Brian. The next day when the CPM’s party leader reached Central Hall, he spoke about it to other colleagues and praised Brian, and a couple of journalists were seen lurking around sniffing for news. The moment Derek found out about it, he became alert and tried to ensure the news does not reach Mamata Banerjee. So in his own defense, he started to say that he knew of no such cake that was sent to the CPM party member. This is done by his company, which sends more than 5,000 cakes as compliments to people. By mistake, one of the cakes may have reached the CPM Parliamentarian.

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