Who after Dadwal?

October 19 2010

The daughter of IPS Neeraj Kumar of the 76 cadre is a trained dancer. So when she had a performance recently at an auditorium in Delhi, bureaucrats as well as politicians were seen there. The act may well be looked upon as a PR exercise by Kumar since in the next few months, Delhi’s Police Commissioner Dadwal is due to finish three years of his tenure. The government is also looking for his successor. Dadwal per se is not ambitious. He has won high praise for the security arrangements in the capital during the Commonwealth Games and is now eyeing a post with the CBI. Neeraj Kumar has the silent support of the entire Kayastha lobby. He has a long list of supporters even in the BJP – from Shatrughn Sinha and Ravi Shankar Prasad to Yashwant Sinha. But this is probably the one thing that may go against him. But oblivious to all this, Kumar can be seen actively lobbying his case in the PMO and the home ministry. But there are several other names contending for the same post, for instance, BK Gupta, who is the DG at Tihar, and Ajay Chaddha, an able officer of the 1977 batch.

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