Who is behind the Team Anna dossier?

October 24 2011

The government is not ready to let go off Team Anna so easily. So during a meeting with the prime minister, a Congress leader asked what of such an incident had happened with a Congress leader? Obviously, they would have tried to bring it under the Prevention of Corruption Act. If the government-owned airlines gives a 75 per cent discount to those who have got a bravery award, the already bleeding airlines goes into more loss. If someone takes full-fare money from sponsors and then uses the discounted fare at the cost of making the airlines incur more losses, what is it, if not corruption? The government gives the discount for travel, not for the trust owned by a person. The minister said that instead of asking for full fare for air travel from different organisations. It would have been better if Kiran Bedi had charged them for lectures and then donated that amount to her trust or NGO. To support his argument, the minister referred to the corruption case slapped against A K Antuley and said that all that Antuley had done was said that in lieu of the work done, this much amount of donation should be made to a particular organisation. But back then, this was considered corruption and the minister was punished for the same.

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