Jaitley’s fans

September 12 2010

Opposition party leader in Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitely is conscious about his political and physical health. One can see him taking morning and evening walks at Lodhi Gardens. Jaitley is now considered among the top leaders of the party, so when he strolls, an entire army of walkers follows him. After the walk, three benches are joined together and a gathering is convened and Jaitley’s followers patiently listen to his views on different topics. One day, when such a session was about to happen, a fat man went and sat on the benches. Jaitely’s supporters tried everything to have him vacate it and sit elsewhere but he wouldn’t relent. He said that since the park was public property, he could sit wherever he wanted. This happened for several days in a row and then a Jaitely fan told him, “Brother, why are you spoiling the fun? Sit somewhere else and I will give you Rs 1 lakh.” The man quipped, “Let me sit here and I will give you Rs 2 lakh.” The man is actually a big property dealer in Delhi and was once considered to be close to Jaitely but because of his vocal nature, Jaitley had distanced himself from the man.

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