Gamblers and the Paap League

May 26 2013

Indian Paap League today has little to do with cricket and has become a casino and in the current scenario all have become gamblers. If Srinivasan gets framed, Dhoni might feel the heat, too. It will be interesting to watch whose wickets will fall. BCCI Chief Srinivasan’s resignation may come at any time, although IPL Commissioner and Central Minister Rajiv Shukla is trying hard to save him. Where the UPA government is concerned, it is in a fix because he doesn’t want to face Sharad Pawar’s ire by supporting Srinivasan. For a while now, Pawar has been trying to get Srinivasan out and strategising for the same. Not only does Sharad Pawar have a strong influence on the Mumbai Police, but even controls it to an extent. No wonder the Mumbai Police was extra active when it came to action against Srinivasan’s son-in-law Mayappan. Pawar also has good relations with the Tamilsovereign lady Jayalalithaa and India Cement’s Srinivasan is her enemy number one because he is considered to be close to Karunanidhi. That is the reason there are several cases against him in Chennai, and there is an FIR against him in Andhra Pradesh due to his closeness with Jagan Mohan Reddy. While several investigations are on in states regarding match-fixing, but the quickness with which Delhi Police Commissioner has reacted has surprised many. Sources reveal that whatever is happening with the IPL has left Rahul Gandhi pretty upset, and he has even let his mind be known on the party forum that politicians should not play around with sports. Is Shukla ji listening?

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