Gehlot may go

October 24 2011

It looks like Gehlot may have to go, more sooner than later. The accusations of trying to protect Maderana in the Bhanwari Devi episode may not be too serious for Gehlot, but his inefficiency with administration is being looked at by the Congress high command seriously. He has lagged behind in trying to being all castes together and making them work together as one. Usually, the Congress formula that would work in Rajasthan was that no matter which caste the chief minister belonged to, the state head was always made keeping in mind the caste equations in the state. And this is where Gehlot tripped. He made the state head one of his own people – Chandrabhan – and is having to face the ire of the Jat votebank. The Congress high command is considering two names for Gehlot’s position – Shanti Dhariwal and C P Joshi. Which means Gehlot may have to pay the price of all the corruption in the state. The other issue that the party people have against Gehlot is that a lot of importance is being given to people from outside.

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